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Manchester crazy quotes Van Persie 16 million annual salary football super Luo C

 Yahoo! Sports News the beginning of the season once suffered a major crisis arsenal Arsenal, and ultimately reverse the general trend of the 2011-12 season to the end of the good results of three of the league. However, although the competition on the court come to an end, but the gunmen field competition at the far end, the captain Robin van Persie next season can continue to stay in the team which has now become the most worrying about the unsolved gun fans.

The past season, the 28-year-old Van Persie Arsenal Piganlidan crazy scored 37 goals assists 14 times, worthy of the fans brought to the "Double Tap" reputation, in all competitions. The top players play so well, Arsenal naturally endeavor to retain Van Persie I do not agree to renew Table loyal to the club at the same time delay, which makes his stay in the team's prospects to become even more complicated and confusing. Dutch contract with Arsenal expires in the summer of 2013, the summer transfer window he still insisted not to renew Wenger to prevent the change only will he sold.

Based on this, Manchester City and Juventus to Van Persie out of a huge contract with a good show, which Manchester City out of up to £ 250,000 weekly wage solicitation, Juventus aspects of the treatment given is weekly pay of £ 150,000, compared to these two giants of the bid, Arsenal out of the £ 130,000 weekly renewal of contract plus 5 million signing bonus overshadowed by a lot.

However, these are not enough people feel shocked, according to the Mirror broke the news of the latest published in 17 Premier League king Manchester United has just been added to Van Persie battle for Arsenal, Manchester United opened up a 30 million euros transfer fee poaching for Robin van Persie up to € 16 million after-tax annual salary, the salary number is similar to this figure and Manchester City can provide in today's football is in second place, after holding a € 20 million Samuel Eto'o, than Real Madrid, the first card C - more than four million.

The Daily Telegraph claimed that Manchester United's huge contract solicitation may make Rooney not too happy, the Red Devils first card currently in the squad's annual salary of nearly 10 million euros, if Van Persie took 6 million higher than their salary to join, how much will bring some negative impact on relations and cooperation between him and Wayne Rooney.

"Mirror" and "The Guardian claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United this time intend to invest to the original capital, and not hesitate to break the strong words of the balance of the squad wage structure to Manchester. And past Arsenal challenge Manchester United's dominance, now this Manchester wealth, have continued in the next few years the strength to launch an attack to the United Red Devils precisely in the lean phase, should not be increased in the summer signings efforts to catch up with the opponent, then, is likely to completely lose the hegemonic position in the Premier League. And compared to the long-term interests, this money does not hit the Van Persie who.

Heavily invitation of the three giants, Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus, like Nasri and small law, leaving the gunman in search of a championship, or stay and continue to adhere to, Robin van Persie has reached a career crossroads, Double Tap this summer, go noteworthy .